A Book for Children Who Love a Type 1

A Book for Children Who Love a Type 1

“Mommy, you have ‘diet babies’?” asks my newly-minted 3-year-old.

She may be just a little bit confused between the “diabetes” and the “baby in the belly” as she points to my 30-week-pregnant abdomen, with the accompanying phrase “diet babies?” on a regular basis these days.

Indeed, we are learning about both – babies and diabetes. And perhaps never before has type 1 diabetes been presented to children as endearingly and accessibly as by Kim Baillieul in the recently-published Mommy Beeps: A book for children who love a type 1 diabetic.

The book is short enough to keep the attention of a toddler, well-illustrated, direct and to the point. It’s also relatable, to me as a type 1, and also to the toddler, whose block tower keeps falling down.

“Ring! My mommy is talking on the phone about her type 1 diabetes. She sounds grumpy. Hrumph! I am grumpy too, my block tower keeps falling down. Crash! Let me try this again!”

And, of course, insulin lives in the butter compartment, and juice can be mommy’s medicine, and is not to be shared. While some mommies may beep and others may buzz, like me (hello Dexcom, in silent mode!), the short stories in this book are relevant to any type 1.

One of my favorite parts is when the mom and kiddo are getting ready to go to the park, and “mommy brings her diabetic supplies”. The next page illustrates all the basics, including insulin, testing supplies, and more.

I can tell my daughter recognizes the equipment and makes the connections between the mom in the book testing her blood sugar and that I do it, too.

“Is there someone in your family like my mommy?” asks the toddler in the book. My kid looks at me and smiles.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of how good of a book this is was that my daughter picked it out for her bedtime story with mommy all by herself, time and time again. After a few short weeks, she knows it by heart and “reads” it to us all by herself!

I highly recommend checking out this short children’s book. It really offers an open and excellent introduction to the condition we live and thrive with.

You can purchase the book for $11.99 through Amazon here.

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