A Leader in Diabetes Advocacy

A Leader in Diabetes Advocacy

There are many ways to help support diabetes awareness, education, research, and outreach, with many organizations are striving to improve the lives of people with diabetes, in the US and across the globe.

Learn about the mission and advocacy efforts of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) below.

Who They Are

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is one of the largest forces for diabetes advocacy in the United States. The organization describes their vision of “life free of diabetes and all its burdens” and cites the mission “to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.”

The ADA has an impressive network of over half a million volunteers and more than half a million members. They also have a professional society of close to 20,000 and employ over 400 staff members.

What They Do

To accomplish its goals, this non-profit focuses on supporting four major advocacy areas:

  • Diabetes Research Funding
  • Community Service
  • Education Efforts
  • Equal Rights for All People with Diabetes

According to their 2018 Report, the ADA helped fund over 300 research efforts, delivered hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and presentations, and hosted over 14,000 at their annual scientific conference.

Additionally, the foundation supports numerous initiatives that aim to improve education and treatment for patients with diabetes, including sponsorship of youth diabetes camps, advocacy for policy change to improve insulin access and affordability, and various other educational and outreach efforts.

In 2018, the ADA reported allocating over $30,000 to fundraising efforts, over $25,000 to awareness campaigns, over $45,000 to educational efforts, and over $37,000 to research initiatives.

You can learn even more about the ADA mission and efforts by visiting their website and check out their strategic plan. Also, learn more about the ADA leadership members and various sponsors here.

How to Give

You can choose to donate to the ADA online or mail in your contribution. Choose any amount you wish and consider honoring a loved one with diabetes by making a donation in their name.


The ADA is a global leader in diabetes advocacy efforts. The organization provides financial support for research and dissemination, community service, and also advocates for and supports education and equal rights for people with diabetes.

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