A low-carb diet for type 2 diabetes reversal

A low-carb diet for type 2 diabetes reversal

So let’s take a look at this. We know when it comes to A1c, surgery as I said, up to 80% short-term reversal plummeted, they had much higher A1c’s to start with. But let’s look at the ones we got down in these curves here. If you take a look, the low-carb got the A1c lower and it’s maintaining that A1c.

We are now tracking right with surgery or below. Important. How about weight? Let’s take a look at ours, remember I said 8.4 years… We took the sickest of the sick. Take a look at where our weight started off compared to everyone else including surgery.

Our patients were sicker which makes this even more important, and quite frankly remarkable. So what if you take and pull ours down… let’s say, okay… maybe we started at a lower weight, we’re really tracking right with surgery here. We are tracking right with surgery.

Now does that make surgery not a good option? It doesn’t for some people. But what I’m going to say is that low-carb can do the same things. It’s really important that we understand that. And low-carb is now the standard of care. We are not some Fringe Diet.


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