Celebrating a Diaversary in Quarantine

Celebrating a Diaversary in Quarantine

The whole world has seemingly halted operations, due to the novel coronavirus. With over 1/3 of the world’s population on lockdown, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, bars, and gyms (any non-essential business) are closed, it’s almost impossible to find something (anything!?) to celebrate these days.

But as we all know, diabetes doesn’t stop, not even for a global pandemic. Those of us with diabetes are still counting, measuring, and injecting multiple times every day, and with that, come diaversaries, or celebrating the anniversary of our diagnosis date. For some people, this can be very emotional, and I’ve previously talked about celebrating my diaversary here. So, how exactly do you celebrate a diaversary while in quarantine? Whether you’re celebrating for yourself or a loved one, check out our top ideas:

Still Mark the Occasion

You may be wondering if celebrating your diaversary is even worth it during this time of international grief and suffering, and I say, if you feel like celebrating, then by all means, celebrate! There is a heaviness in the air, and many people are suffering, but if you can acknowledge the hard work, time, and dedication you’ve given yourself to be healthy this past year, it’s good not only for your self-esteem but also for your mental health.

Treat Yourself

You may not be able to take a lavish vacation, or go out to a fancy dinner, but you can still treat yourself by baking a cake, creating an elaborate meal at home, or toasting to good health in your backyard. Make the evening special by lighting candles, dressing up, and playing some music while you take in the occasion.

Involve Friends and Family

You can zoom or video chat with your closest friends and family who may live far away, for a party without all the clean up! Touching base with those close to you on such a momentous day to reminisce, laugh (or cry!), and connecting will be totally worth it.

Set Goals

A diaversary is an excellent time to look back on your year with diabetes, review what worked for you and what hasn’t (maybe ice cream for breakfast three times a week wasn’t such a good idea?), and set some goals for your upcoming year with diabetes. Maybe you want to try out a new kind of CGM, or get your HbA1c to a lower (or even higher) level. Maybe you’re trying to take a pump break or give insulin pens a try. Set some goals to get your year started off right!


Whether that’s by skipping dish-duty for a long, leisurely walk around your neighborhood, or having an extra piece of cake, or even by ordering a fun diabetes bag, make sure you enjoy a no-guilt treat on this day- after all, you deserve it!

Celebrating your diaversary during quarantine and shelter-in-place rules is definitely different, but it doesn’t have to be sad or lonely. Have you celebrated your diaversary during the COVID quarantine, or are you planning to? What strategies or ideas have you used or do you plan on using in order to celebrate? Share this post and share your stories below; we love hearing from our readers!

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