Have Your Dessert (& Eat It Too!)

Have Your Dessert (& Eat It Too!)

As we advance toward the holiday season at warp speed, having some low-carb dessert recipes in mind will help us stay on track during family and friend pot-lucks and celebrations while we enjoy our cake (or muffins or doughnuts), too!

In this month’s Recipe Roundup, we share desserts that not only taste as good as they look but also keep the carb counts low (or, at the very least, lower than ‘traditional’ recipes).

Photo by Low Carb Yum.

Is there a better combination than chocolate and peanut butter? Possibly, but this 2-grams-of-carbs-per-serving classic pairing is a match made in decadent low-carb heaven. Oh, did we mention there is no baking involved? You’re welcome.

Photo by Sugar Free Mom.

We know your eyes might glaze over if we discuss portion control, so, instead, we’ll just share a really easy and flavorful mug-cake recipe just in time for fall. This dessert for one hits our on-going chocolate cravings while delivering a pumpkin spice cake in less than three minutes. Yes, really.

Photo by Sara Nelson of Real Balanced.

Sara Nelson of the food blog, Real Balanced, shares this so-worth-it Keto Cheesecake recipe with TCOYD. Sesame seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, melted butter, monk fruit, and cinnamon make the crust on this cheesecake nut-free and delicious!

Photo by Butter Is Not A Carb.

You’ll need a doughnut pan to make Butter Is Not A Carb’s recipe for Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Doughnuts, but your inner Homer Simpson will thank you for this purchase.

Photo by Caroline’s Keto Kitchen.

Caroline Levens of Caroline’s Keto Kitchen shares that this recipe is her new favorite recipe, and if Caroline discloses a new favorite, you should really listen and then run to the kitchen to replicate her low-carb magic. Her trend-making keto recipes hit the mark for taste and versatility. The use of pumpkin and ricotta cheese in this recipe make your pumpkin-spice dreams come true.

Have Your Dessert (& Eat It Too!) Recipes

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