'I Finally Kept My Promise to My Mom' — Diet Doctor

‘I Finally Kept My Promise to My Mom’ — Diet Doctor

Believe it or not, you can overcome a lifelong struggle with your weight — by eating more. 

Christoph from Austria sent Diet Doctor an email describing how following a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet — after years of trying different diets — helped him to finally slim down for good.

As a result of his new lifestyle, Christoph was also able to bond with his mother, who also started following a low-carb diet before she passed away.

Christoph tells Diet Doctor that he was finally able to keep his promise to his mother that he’d get healthy, lose the weight, and finally get his “dream body.”

Christoph’s email has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Christoph’s story:

Hello Andreas!

Here’s my story.

I was overweight my whole life. At age 12, I weighed 200 pounds (92 kilos) and I was 5′ 8″ (175 cm). At this young age, I started experimenting with useless diets.

Later, in August of 2009, when I was 18, I reached my highest weight of 277 pounds (or 126 kilos) and I stood 6′ 1″ or (187 cm).

My mom, who was a nurse at a hospital, was so worried about my weight because she had to deal with strokes and heart attacks every day at work. She also had a minor weight problem, so we decided to start improving our health together.

At first, we started doing Weight Watchers. It was OK eating so many whole-grains food items, but really, I felt hungry all of the time.

After six months of following Weight Watchers, I managed to lose 44 pounds (20 kilos). I felt great, but it wasn’t long before my progress stopped.

I still remember the week where I suddenly regained 4.4 pounds (2 kilos). It was then that I promised my mom: “Don’t worry! I will still get my dream body!”

I even thought of that evening, even when my brother came and said, ” … Mama has died.”

After my mother passed, one year passed and although I wasn’t in a place to exercise, I still tried to keep up with what I thought was a “healthy” lifestyle.

I ate lots of  whole grains — and almost no fats — but I finally regained 33 pounds (15 kilos). At this point, I was desperate to find an effective solution.

In March of 2011, I decided to give Weight Watchers another try. Within a few months, I again weighed 225 pounds (102 kilos).

Then, this sudden weight loss plateau happened again. I didn’t lose any weight for months. In fact, I started regaining some weight again. At that time, I rode my bicycle for about 16 hours a week and ate around 1,500 calories a day.

And so, finally, in January of 2013, my weight loss still was at a stall. I made the radical decision to start eating every other days. I ate around 2,000 calories on one day, and then nothing (only tea or water) on the second.

Finally, I saw my weight drop down to 198 pounds (or 90 kilos.) And, after a while, when I once again saw my weight loss get “stuck,” I decided to do exactly what the medical guidelines tell me to do.

At least 60% of my calories came from carbs (especially whole grains) and less than 30% from fats. My weight didn’t change and I started feeling horrible.

I also had these extreme cravings for chocolate and “junk foods” like that. When I couldn’t resist anymore, I would eat lots of donuts and cake. And I regained 6.6 pounds (3 kilos) in one week’s time.

It was around this time that I thankfully found Diet Doctor. I began Googling around for any diets that felt opposite to what I was doing. I searched for “low carb,” and landed on this wonderful page called DietDoctor.com, which introduced me to low-carb experts, such as Gary Taubes, Stephen Phinney, Robert Lustig and — of course! — Andreas Eenfeldt.

For exercise, I started doing Freeletics, which is similar to Crossfit, but I was still was eating a lot of carbs and hadn’t yet changed my diet drastically. Combining exercise with weight watchers helped me to gain an enormous amount of muscle — but I also gained fat.

It was then that I started following a LCHF diet. After 10 days of feeling horrible, I suddenly felt that energy inside of me. I ate 3,000 calories a day and my weight dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I was eating 80 % of my calories from fat and almost no carbs (30 g a day) So, I stopped counting my calories and ate what I wanted to.

Now, in October 2014, my weight is at 174 pounds (79 kilos) and my body-fat percentage dropped to 9%. I’ve even got a six-pack of abs!

This means, I’ve lost 103.2 pounds (46.8 kilos) overall. Without LCHF, I know I would have regained the weight.

I still eat what I want and don’t gain any weight. My cravings are completely gone now and I feel great. And, most importantly, I finally kept my promise to my mom. I now have my “dream body.”

Thanks from Austria,

P.S. My grandma is now doing LCHF, too. Her blood pressure is normal now and she doesn’t take diabetes medication any longer.


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